Thank You to the Go-Give Spirit of the Mary Kay Sales Force we are able to provide this shared resource with ideas from different places and Directors. We have given credit where we can! Please note some items may mention outdated products or dates; these files are pure examples, create your own game plan and run with it! We left some outdated material because we believe the overall files are still useful!


Have an amazing Holiday Season! You can do it!


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2016 Holiday Gift Brochure

Holiday Product Flyer

Holiday Gift Set Flyer

Holiday Smear Sheet

Winter Product Flyer

Winter Smear Sheet

Executive Gift Service

Executive Brochure


2016 Holiday Strategy Packet

12 Days of Christmas Challenge

Debt Free Holiday
Holiday Action Sheet
Holiday Sales Plan
Holiday Focus
Holiday Time Table
Christmas Club Program
Christmas Without Chaos
Extra Christmas Cash Plan
13 Ways to Make Money
Holiday Goal Poster
Simple Holiday Plan

10,000 Selling Season

Cash Potentials

$12,000 Selling Blitz



Overcoming December Booking Objections

Holiday Warm Chatter

Holiday Skincare Survey


Open Houses

Sparkle! Open House Invitation

Spice Up your Holiday Open House - Director Only Services
Holiday Procedures
How to Have a Successful Holiday Open House
Holiday Open House Poem
Holiday Open House Invitation
VIP Shopping Invitation
How to do a Holiday Stop and Shop
Holiday Open House Invite

Holiday Open House Invite 2

Open House - Video

Gina's Holiday Open House - Video

AFTER Open House


Holiday Coffee Invite
Holiday Coffee Outline
Holding Holiday Coffee

Christmas Coffees


How to Do a Holiday Stop n Shop
Holiday Trunk Show
Christmas on the Road Trunk Show
Christmas Trunk Show Scripts & Presentation

Holiday Displays

Holiday Stop and Shop

Trunk Show


Capturing the Corporate Market
Script for Corporate Gift Sales
Selling To Businesses
Gift Giving Service
Holiday Letter to Businesses
Let Me Be Your Personal Shopper
Gift with Purchase Postcard
Adopt a Grandparent
Adopt a Grandparent Script
Adopt a Grandparent Facial Box


Holiday Wish List -QT Office

Christmas Shopping List

Holiday Wish List
Holiday Wish List 2
May Your Wish Be Granted



New Year Gift Certificate

$10 off a $100 Holiday Offer

MK Gift Certificate
Holiday Gift Certificate
MK Bucks
Makeover Gift Certificate

Holiday Dollar

Gift Certificate 1

Blitzen Bucks



Pink Friday Postcard

Cyber Monday

12 Days of Christmas Sale - Textables

12 Days of Christmas Sale - FB Covers


Camp Holiday Video - NSD Dacia Wiegandt

Holiday Webinar- Video


Holiday Collections Ideas -Sr. Dir. Sara Moore (sample idea!)

Selling Gift Baskets to Men

Selling to Men in General
3 King Selling Idea

Holiday Fun Pack Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3

Holiday Reorder Bag Letter Word

12 Days Order Form - Sr. Dir. Beverly Taylor

12 Days of Christmas Gift Tags Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3 | Option 4
12 Days of Christmas Husband Letter
12 Days of Christmas Man of The Year

New Year New You for 12 Days - Sr. Dir. Beverly Taylor

12 Days of Christmas Poem

12 Days Postcard
12 Days Menu
12 Days Order Form
12 Days Script
12 Days Gifts - Video

12 Days for Men

Gift Basket Ideas

Glove Gift Set

Pillow Gift Card
Satin Hands Poem

Snowman Soup
Snowman Soup Hand Cream Tag
Snowman Soup Picture


Pillow Gift How to

Pillow Poem Blue

Pillow Poem Pink


Cupcake socks


Man Square

Man Circle


Candy Cane Makeover Tags



TONS and TONS of Product Packaging Examples


Gift Guide


Holiday Coaching Cards
100% Guarantee Product Stickers
How to Make a Bow | More Bows

Wish List, Shopping List, Invitation, & Thank you

Corporate VS Consumer Sales


Great reasons to begin this Season

Ten 10 Great Reasons to begin your Mary Kay Career NOW

Put Some Jingle In Your Pocket -Director Only Services

Be a Seasonal Consultant
Holiday Serious Cash
10 Reasons to Join Oct to Dec
Mary Kay VS. DIllards
Why Start Now?!

Holiday Recruiting Postcard
Earn an Extra $1500 for the Holidays

Team Building Flyer


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